Seasonal Flowers

By Lisa Keslowe

We lust after flowers and use them to mark our most important occasions, so it’s no wonder that we demand an extensive selection throughout the year. Due to this demand we are one of the largest global consumers for the cut flower market. Globalization touches every part of our lives, and floral design has certainly not been the exception to the trend. Many of our flowers are currently being supplied by South America, The Netherlands, and New Zealand. Most recently, Japan has become a supplier of premium varieties, and the selection of items received from Africa continues to grow.

This means that many times we are able to obtain specific varieties that a client is seeking, even when we are in the midst of winter. However, whether the flowers are in season locally or are being flown in from New Zealand or Japan is a big factor in the cost. For example, opting for peonies in June is a cost-effective choice. If you want peonies in December they will likely cost twice as much. But if your event is taking place in August, peonies are not an option at all! So my suggestion to anyone trying to choose some blooms is to select colors and styles of flowers rather than certain varieties; then have your florist list those varieties that fall within your parameters and that are usually available during that given month. This gives the florist the leeway to select the freshest, most beautiful blooms at the market, which will result in a prettier arrangement and a happier you!