Have Your Say

ome places I definitely want to check out. Thanks for a great list.

Wanted to let you know about one that you missed under Home Design Shops. The Farmhouse Store on East Broad Street in Westfield.

Great shop, unique merchandise, great atmosphere and a wonderful staff. It’s my destination for any gifts and lots of home accessories.

Worth a trip and someplace about which you could probably do a whole article!

Curious why there was no category for ” Best Super Market ” ? Every other regional magazine in the area, like Philadelphia, or the Lehigh Valley, or New York has a category devoted to this. It would be very interesting to see the results. If I had to pick one in the entire state, I would have to say Wegman’s. They are miles ahead of the competition, there’s not even a close second. Their bakery departments alone surpass any of the bakeries listed in your magazine’s top picks. And that’s just a starting point. If you live near one, check them out, you won’t be disappointed!

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the suggestions! We’re constantly adding new categories and businesses to our A List, so we’ll keep these ideas in mind.

A Lot to Consider

To Whom It May Concern:

I love love love the newjerseylife.com e-mail updates. I look forward to receiving them as they guide me to fun and interesting restaurants (A Toute Heure), shops (I am going to Trouvaille ASAP after reading today’s newsletter), festivals (all the seafood and chowder festivals) and events (The Far Hills Steeple races (aka The Hunt))! There is so much going on in New Jersey and it’s fantastic to have such a great resource. Personally, I get bored easily therefore love to travel, but NJL has given me another outlet in these tough financial times, explore the tri-state area! I used to hop on a plane, now I have so many NJ events and places to see I just hop in the car for my adventure. The best part is you can invite as many friends and family members as you would like… event planning made easy.

It is also wonderful how you list all the farm markets in NJ! I have a major passion for healthy-natural-organic foods. I am in the process of starting a business surrounding this culture…one-on-one food shopping aid, cooking classes/parties and/or possibly catering. Some other topics of interest of mine are food allergies since I am surrounded by them more and more (i.e. gluten and dairy) and going green! Its all tied together through a healthy self and a healthy home… the center of it all being the kitchen.

I look forward to receiving future articles!

The Great Outdoors


I recently received a copy of NJ Life, and being a huge fan of anything NJ I of course read through it and felt inclined to write.

I was happy to see at least a small article about outdoor; however, so many publications seem to skim over the terrific opportunities for outdoor recreation we have in the state. According to the Encyclopedia of NJ, this state is still about 44.9% forest, which doesn’t even count farmland, wetlands, or other open spaces! As the leader of a hiking group, I put together a hike every Sunday that goes for at least 15 miles. Hardly anyone believes this is possible in New Jersey. We have done these long hikes without even crossing a paved road all day.

There are more parks in New Jersey than one can explore completely in a lifetime. Hunterdon County Department of Parks and Recreation has 38 parks itself, and that does not even count state and municipal parks, nature conservancy, etc. Alltogether,  there are about sixty! Morris County has even more…it’s amazing! I’ve been leading my group for 12 years now, and we always cover something new every week.

I would love to see publications such as yours promote some of our great outdoor recreation and open spaces a bit more. Aside from that, nice magazine!