Puppy-Proof Your Home


We are planning to get a puppy. How should I puppy proof my house?


1. Provide a safe space for the puppy. A crate or X-pen works well. Use gates to close off stairways.

2. Secure, disconnect or protect all wires leading to lamps, computers, appliances. Puppies love to chew on wires.

3. Plan to purchase “dog friendly” ice melting products in winter so you do not need to use salt on slippery surfaces. Salt burns the paws of dogs and puppies.

4. Purchase child proof locks and install them on cabinets under the sink and in pantries where dogs can get to food, garbage or cleaning products.

5. Any wooden furniture is in jeopardy of coming in contact with sharp canine teeth. Hide antiques, valuable rugs, shoes (especially leather), and any soft furniture from puppies. This is where a crate or x-pen comes in handy.

6. Be careful with laundry as nylon stockings and socks can get eaten by dogs and cause blockages.

7. Always dispose of chicken bones, steak bones, and corn cobs outside of the kitchen so they cannot be eaten by the dog/puppy. These items can be very dangerous if ingested.

8. Be careful with sponges and Christmas decorations (especially tinsel) as these have been known to require surgical removal.

Plan ahead and purchase an adjustable soft nylon buckle collar. You can even order some with your phone number embroidered into it. Purchase toys that your puppy cannot destroy. Arrange for some good training and find a veterinarian who has been recommended to you. Good luck with your puppy!

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