Online Advertising is the website of New Jersey Life Health + Beauty magazine. Like the magazine, the website reaches an audience of active, affluent, discerning New Jersey residents. The site features content from the most recent issue of the magazine, as well as numerous web exclusives. is updated constantly with new content and heavily promoted through our Facebook page and Twitter posts. features:
• Regular expert columns and and blogs that cover healthy eating, pet training, travel, aging gracefully, and much more!

• Recipes from New Jersey’s Top Chefs

• Web-exclusive bonus content related to our most recent issue

• The Restaurant and Dining Guide

• Calendar of Events


» Beauty Buzz: Our favorite beauty products
» Fitness Fuel: Personal trainer Gerard Bochese explains how you can get the most out of your workout
» Fridge Raid: Quick and easy recipes for any day of the week
» Out and About: Upcoming events of note
» The Dish: Pat Tanner shares the latest food news
» The Dog Log: What’s happening in the animal world
» The Green Scene: How to live a greener life, without driving yourself crazy

To see more of what New Jersey Life Health + Beauty has to offer, from exclusive recipes to breakthroughs in medicine to upcoming events around the state, visit our Food + Dining, Health, Beauty, Events, and Lifestyle pages or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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This Week in Health + Beauty

This Week in Health + Beauty, New Jersey Life Health + Beauty’s newsletter, mails every week to a list of over 12,000 subscribers.

Recipe of the Month

Our Recipe of the Month newsletter mails on the first of every month to a dedicated subscriber list that continues to grow. The newsletter features recipes from the state’s top chefs, menu ideas, fascinating facts, and more.

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Advertisers can also choose to sponsor a newsletter. A sponsorship includes a large rectangle ad and the exclusion of all other ads from the newsletter for the duration of the campaign.


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