For the past 12 years, New Jersey Life has been the authoritative source for the urbane tastes of our state’s most affluent readers. The popularity and continued success of our Mind, Body, Spirit column has now evolved into its own publication–Health + Beauty.

With the expertise of our Editorial Board of Advisors, which comprises the state’s top medical experts and holistic health practitioners, this service-oriented publication addresses many of the tough health issues women face today and gives the reader concise and practical tips on how to improve her overall well-being. Our editorial cover’s women’s lifestyle topics that include fitness, meditation, nutrition, beauty, alternative practices, and greener and holistic living as well as hard-hitting subjects like cardiac health and breast cancer.

Targeting the state’s billion-dollar health care industry, Health + Beauty is a unique regional publication that is distributed to 40,000 NJL subscribers as well as to Barnes & Noble, Borders, and major spas, salons, fitness centers, and doctors’ offices throughout the state.

Healthy Life:
Resources, breakthroughs, and expert advice for living well

Green Living: Eco-friendly solutions for your home and your lifestyle

Nutrition: Registered dietiticians discuss the benefits of healthy eating. Pat Tanner, NJL‘s restaurant critic and a founding member of the Central New Jersey Chapter of Slow Food, scours the state for the best in local eating. Plus: Easy, nutritious recipes.

Personal trainers and sports medicine doctors design safe exercise programs for various goals.

Heart Health: Controlling cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and stress.

Weight Management:
Workouts, diets, and clinical solutions to return to and maintain your optimum weight.

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery: Latest procedures, healing products, and advice from top surgeons.

Sexual Health:
Experts Address women’s physical and mental well-being as it relates to sexuality and reproductive health.

Family: The latest in pediatrics and issues concerning family life.

Mind: Psychiatrists and psychologists examine the connection between mental health and well-being.

Beauty: The state’s top estheticians and beauty specialists highlight trends and the latest cosmetics.

Events that promote health and well-being


NJLhealthandbeauty.com is the online arm of NJL Health + Beauty magazine. On our website, you’ll find the latest content from  our most recent issue, as well as numerous web exclusives:

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