Guidelines To Buy Prescription Drugs Online In A Safe Way

buy prescription drugs online

When you visit the web page of any online drugstore, make sure you follow basic guidelines mentioned below to get safe prescription drugs online.

  • 1. You can visit the NABP website and check for the list of registered websites to verify an internet pharmacy. If you notice that the particular online drugstore is licensed or registered with a U.S. based state, you do not have to bother too much. You are on the right track.
  • 2. You should look for VIPPS seal aka Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites on the website page. This is to double check if the pharmacy has been approved after verification by NABP. If you are through with this, you are half way through your journey to order medication online safely.
  • 3. You should look for the availability of a registered pharmacist. A website that offers a facility to reach the pharmacist 24×7 via phone, online or mail is an advantage to you. You can discuss your queries before and while filling the medical script or after receiving the package of the drug.
  • 4. You must expect a realistic discount on prices. If you know that all other pharmacy sites are selling the drug for more or less the same price, but there is one pharmacy that gives the same deal for cheap prices, you can expect that it is shady. Never look to invest on such sites.
  • 5. You must provide a valid prescription to the internet pharmacy for the drug you are going to order. If the pharmacy is not going to ask for a copy of prescription before confirming the deal, it is highly possible that you are not going to get what you are looking for. Ultimately, you might get a fake drug, a drug with the wrong active ingredient, or a drug with dangerous substance from a non-FDA approved pharmacy in some other country.
  • 6. You might risk the breach in your privacy if you are not going to pay attention to the privacy and security policies of the website. Your digital pharmacy is not supposed to use your personal information without your informed consent. Your pharmacy site will never ask for your social security number, personal medical history, or credit card information.
  • 7. Do be doubly sure that appropriate drug package has been received, check for the name printed on the label, dosage and name of the drug with the prescription along with the expiry date on the medicine.

If you encounter any such unusual instances or if you feel that you might be at risk never hesitate to approach FDA BeSafeRX.


The previous year expenditure on prescription drugs in U.S. was estimated to be $457 billion which is 8% higher than the previous year. Experts say that there is no sign of regression in the trend. Imagine the burden on individuals who do not have this covered by their insurance. To cut down the expenditure from the pocket on prescription drugs, many Americans look to order prescription drugs from internet pharmacies. The catch is not every online deal is worth it. If you are not smart enough, you might lose the money still end up with a fake drug from a fake online pharmacy putting your life at risk.