• Keys to Success

    Teaching music to your autistic child can bring surprising developmental and emotional rewards

    Plus: Self-Nurturing for Caregivers, Excerpt from Playing it Their Way, Autism Resources
  • Smart...With a Heart

    How to raise an emotionally intelligent child
  • The Healing Garden

    A New Jersey landscape architect creates a healing oasis for the patients at Children's Specialized Hospital in New Brunswick
  • Dentists for Kids Keep their Patients Smiling

    From “magic” wands to dinosaur-shaped flossers, pediatric dentists do their best to keep stress levels low. 
  • Coping with Anxiety

    Ease back-to-school jitters with these tips from Tara Gleeson, a nurse practitioner with Goryeb Children's Hospital in Morristown
  • Call of the Wild

    Studies show that children who play outside tend to be healthier, happier, and perform better on tests. 
  • Time Out

    Educators are incorporating stress-busters into their curriculums--with successful results 
  • Instant Insulin

    Breakthrough research on the development of an artificial pancreas could be a life-changing advancement for those who cope with juvenile diabetes
  • Keeping Kids Fit

    With childhood obesity on the rise, NJ health care professionals are fighting to keep kids fit and healthy 
  • Take Heart

    Protect your family members' hearts by making fitness a family affair

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