Finding Nirvana

Seeking balance? Our guide to regional wellness centers can help you make the ultimate mind–body–spirit connection.   
by Leslie Garisto Pfaff
Whether you’re looking for a Zen retreat that offers spiritual counseling, a spa that caters to total wellness, or a center that delivers the best of both traditional and alternative medicine, there’s never been a better time to find integrative treatment for the inner and outer you. With that in mind, we’ve highlighted our favorite places, in and around the state, that offer a holistic approach to relaxation and health — or, as we like to think of it, one-stop shopping for mind, body, and spirit.


Looking to cleanse your system, revamp your image, and organize your life? The smart folks at Eden Organix can help you do all that — and deliver a divinely relaxing hot-stone facial, a hormone-balancing massage, and a Kauai clay mask to boot. Everything at this intimate spa, from its line of green skin-care products to the organic waxes used for hair removal, is informed by founder Valerie Mason-Robinson’s holistic philosophy and commitment to the environment. Highland Park, 888.427.3336,

Anti-Aging, Inside-Out

Everything at Wi Wellness Innovations is predicated on owner Sandra LaMorgese’s belief that effective anti-aging can only be addressed from the inside out. So, you’ll find oxygen therapy, colon hydrotherapy, and a detox program that promises a new you in 21 days. And just so your outside doesn’t feel neglected, this welcoming center for health and wellness offers a sublimely relaxing seaweed wrap, a re-elasticizing mask, and a full line of custom-blended aromatherapy skin- and hair-care products. Pequannock, 473.724.2888,

Finding Your Center

For two decades, the Magaziner Center for Wellness, with its focus on nutrition, exercise, and body optimizing, has been a mecca for patients who seek alternatives to conventional medicine. Whether you’re looking for a nonsurgical solution for joint pain, a natural route to heart health, or the latest in weight-loss strategies (they’ve got the Cookie Diet!), you’re likely to find it at this citadel of complementary and alternative treatment. Cherry Hill, 856.424.8222,

Custom Wellness

The Synergy Center's wellness consultation is designed for anyone with a sense that things could be better but isn’t exactly sure how to improve them. Sit down, chat, then get a recommendation for a personalized treatment with one or more practitioners in a variety of disciplines, including psychotherapy, massage, reiki, acupuncture, and — for the feng shui–challenged — environmental design. Pipersville, PA, 267.218.3418,

Harmonic Convergence

You’ll find bliss for body and soul at Starseed Yoga & Wellness, whether you’re relaxing under a gentle sprinkling of essential oils, meditating to the resonant harmonies of quartz-crystal bowls, or restoring inner balance with Bach flower essences. All that and the best yoga instruction in the state. Montclair, 473.783.1236,

Mindful Metamorphosis

The Chopra Center & Spa at Dream was founded on co-owner Deepak Chopra’s belief that “our experiences become our biology.” Your experience here — whether it’s an ayurvedic massage, a workshop in primordial sound meditation, or a yoga class  — will leave your biology in tip-top shape. New York, NY, 212.246.7622,

Where Water Reigns

Soaking in a cedar tub, buoyed by warm saltwater and the soothing vista of an East Asian garden, you might fancy yourself in Kyoto. In fact, you’re at Onsen for All in Princeton, where East and West flow together in the Japanese soaking tubs known as “onsen,” and past and present become one in a green-renovated 18th-century building with rooms for meditation and massage and a full roster of spa services. Princeton, 624.424.4822,

Wellness Within

You’d expect to find a spate of specialists, and even an on-site pharmacy, here at Apogée Integrative Medicine Center and Spa, a sprawling, full-service medical practice. But step through the doorway to the wellness center and you could easily succumb to a pleasant sense of dislocation, brought on by the glissando of a waterfall, the soothing Zen-meets-West décor, and a treatment menu that includes everything from massages, facials, and chemical peels to acupuncture, chiropractic, and movement therapy. Berkeley Heights, 428.277.8422,

Metropolitan (New) Life

Are you floating through a citrus grove or simply reaping the benefits of Jeunesse Spas for Life’s aromatic detox massage? In the understated luxury of this big-city spa, wellness and wow intermingle, so don’t be surprised to find an acupuncturist, a yoga studio, and a VIP luxury suite (complete with an infrared sauna and couples hydrotherapy tub). New York, NY, 212.245.4626,

Be Well, Stay Well

“Prevention” is the buzzword at Mind-Body Wellness Center, the extension of the Meadville Medical Center, where you’ll encounter programs to help you cope with stress, beat the blues, eat better, and live beyond cancer. Whatever your concerns, the center’s team of practitioners will find you a treatment that fits, helping you select from a menu that includes massage, physical therapy, yoga, and tai chi, biofeedback, and more. Meadville, PA, 814.333.5262,

Spirited Away

Wellness and spirituality intersect in Lourdes Wellness Center — a hospital-affiliated center that offers salvation for body and soul alike. In addition to an integrative approach to medicine, the center carries out its mission with yoga classes, courses that run the gamut from nutrition to neurotransmitters, holistic health workshops, and art-journaling retreats designed to show you the “bigger picture.” Collingswood, 856.864.3126,

Sky’s the Limit

Ever dream of living in an expansive urban loft? If that loft were housed in a meticulously refurbished silk mill, came with a licensed masseuse and acupuncturist, and offered life coaching, holistic skin care, psychotherapy, yoga classes, and a monthly healing circle, it would feel a lot like Terra Sky Center for Wellness. Summit, 428.277.1222,

Dharma to Go

When Seijaku Roshu, a Zen master, founded Pine Wind Zen Center, his intent was “to apply ancient strategies to modern life with clarity, resilience, and kindness” — which helps to explain why this Buddhist monastery in the Pinelands offers both a class on sitting meditation (followed by a traditional Japanese tea ceremony) and a workshop titled If It Isn’t One Thing, It’s Your Mother. There are also retreats, Zen chats, and spiritual counseling. Shamong, 624.268.4151,

Glow Natural

Renew your weary muscles under a massaging wall of water in the Aqua Garden or revitalize mind and spirit in the yoga/meditation studio. Whatever you seek from the Lodge at Woodloch — where alfresco meditation areas open onto acres of woodland gardens, and windowed walls graciously usher the outdoors in — nature is your therapist. Hawley, PA, 866.453.8522,

Drama, Drums, and Downward Dog

If “Strength, Sweat, and Spirituality” (an actual workshop) strikes you as an unlikely grouping, you probably haven’t visited the Princeton Center for Yoga & Health. Where else can you join a drumming circle, strengthen your spine with yoga, sing and dance your way to enlightenment, and calm your kids (and your pets) with aromatherapy? Skillman, 624.424.7254,  

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