What Are the Signs Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms?

When someone drinks alcohol very heavily for weeks, months or for years, and suddenly they try to stop drinking Alcohol. This is called Alcohol Withdrawal. In other words, this treatment will help patients break the physical connection their body has with alcohol. This is not an easy thing to do. Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms may range from mild to very heavy if you are a serial drunkard. The very first step in the rehabilitation process from the alcohol is Detoxing from it. This Alcohol Withdrawal treatment helps you to avoid discomfort during the detoxification process in a very safe manner.

Alcohol WithdrawalAlcohol Withdrawal Symptoms starts as soon as the person stops drinking the alcohol. The person who consumes the alcohol will experience its effect in five to ten hours after the last alcohol consumption. The symptom of the alcohol withdrawal lasts some time or may be even few days and weeks. An Alcoholic may experience some of the below listed symptoms. There are few changes to the mental state and it also gives some physical side effects. Few changes to the mental state include Nightmares, Jumpiness, mood swings, depression and nervousness. Other physical side effects include vomiting, insomnia, sweating, rapid or fast heart beat rate, loss of appetite and dulled pupils. Not every time the alcohol withdrawal will be the same, sometimes it may result severely. A that point of time, the patient can experience delirium tremens. This treatment can cause some of the additional symptoms like fever, hallucination, agitation, seizures and confusions.

Examination and Testing

Doctors perform physical examination if someone needs medical help during alcohol withdrawal. Urine tests and blood tests are also taken for the patients who need further alcohol medical help. Toxicology test is taken for the patients who have the following symptoms:

  • Abnormal or rapid heartbeat
  • Unusual eye movements
  • Dehydration
  • Fever
  • Rapid breathing
  • Tremors in the hands

Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol Withdrawal refers to symptoms that occurs to a person who has been drinking too much of alcohol for a while, suddenly stops drinking alcohol. It mostly affects adult. It is like the more you drink, the more you get the alcohol withdrawal symptoms at your early age. As soon as the doctor has verified that the patient is in withdrawal, he gives medical prescription or any other treatments to reduce the symptoms. In many rehabilitation centers, Alcohol Withdrawal treatment has been started and has become one of the common treatments. In every hospital, the inpatient facilities will monitor the patient’s condition and check if the case is so dangerous or not. Fluids are given to the patients to prevent dehydration. If any patient is uncomfortable attending an inpatient facility, he directly can go to the hospital to withdrawal symptoms.

There are few mild symptoms like less sleep, moodiness or general fatigue. The main thing is that the person should not relapse. So it is very essential that people who detox in a hospital get some additional help from the doctors. There should be a trusted person alongside the person who is suffering from withdrawals. These are the signs and symptoms while withdrawing alcohol.