How long does alcohol stay in your system

alcohol stay in your systemDoes alcohol stay in a human body for a long time? Will alcohol stay in blood? How long does it take to Sober Up? If you have these questions running through your mind, then worry less. This piece of information is going to answer all your questions. Well, the answers to these questions depends on various factors, the number of times you may have consumed alcohol and the addiction to alcoholism. Keep in mind that the alcohol that you drink, also enters several parts of human body and might stay for longer time. Drinking sessions often lasts for an hour or two, but its effect is so serious. As many of us are aware, alcohol mainly affects the human liver and brings Alcohol related fatty liver disease. Let us now see how long does alcohol stay in the human body.

Do you know that alcohol stays in your urine, blood and hair follicles? After consuming alcohol, it stays in the urine for about 80 hours. It reduces the production of a hormone which is called vasopressin, which fills up the bladder and makes the person to urinate more. The average can process one drink per hour and the alcohol stays in the hair follicle for approximately three months. Alcohol first enters the stomach, and then it reaches the small intestines and other bloodstream. Drinking alcohol continually can increase the risk of developing liver diseases and can cause major damages to the other important parts of the human body.

Alcohol can also be detected in Saliva, Sweat and Breath. Each and every type of alcoholic drink (beer, wine, vodka, whisky etc) has an amount of alcohol in it. So if you have two shots of an alcoholic drink, then it will take few hours to Sober Up. If you are a serial drunkard, then monitoring your alcohol intake can be a tricky thing to handle. The truth is that alcohol stays in a human body for a longer time than many expect. So before you drink alcohol, just think about its effect on your body and then decide. It might save your life and your family. The Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is the percentage of the bloodstream that’s made up of pure alcohol.

As the alcohol goes through the bloodstream, the liver breaks the metabolic process. It can metabolize one ounce of alcohol for every one hour. A normal person’s blood alcohol level will be 0.015 for every hour. The amount of alcohol required to achieve a blood alcohol limit is 0.08. As soon as the blood alcohol level rises above 0.055, few may experience mood swings, unpleasant effects, depression, vomiting, nausea and memory loss. There’s a misconception that tracking the amount of alcohol that a person drinks and the time to Sober Up can help the breast milk safe. The truth is no amount of Alcohol is safe to drink when a woman breastfeeds. So this is how alcohol damages the human health and its inner parts and it stays long in the human system.