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  • Alternative Health
    Discover the latest news and advances in alternative health like cbd oil for diabetes, Kratom for diabetes natural treatment for pain or from acupuncture to yoga and everything in between
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  • Back to Basics
    Did you know that some seasonal allergies can trigger allergic reactions to foods? Find out what you should steer clear of if you're feeling the sniffles this season.
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  • The Green Scene
    For the Animals Sanctuary is holding an open house next weekend--come meet the animals, learn about what they do, and discover some of the benefits of going meatless sometimes
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  • A Cut Above
    Meet Gayle Giacomo, owner of the Gatsby Salon and star of the Style Network's hit show, Jerseylicious.

    Web Bonus: Get Gayle's tips on creating a great shore style; the Jerseylicious cast shares their hair and beauty secrets
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  • Fitness Fuel
    The lunge is a basic but effective exercise that really works your legs and helps burn calories. Make sure you're doing it right and getting the most out of it.
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  • The Long Weekend
    Learn some local history and get plenty of fresh air (and maybe a few ideas!) by touring the beautiful mansion and gardens at Nemours in the Brandywine Valley

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